Ok it’s official. I’m in a slump.

I admit; I’ve been half-assing my way the past couple of days. I should be clearing my freelance articles as soon as possible, but I’d get down to like an hour of “research” and then I’d call it a day. I’m ridiculous.

How the fuck do I get out of this slump and feel motivation? My room is the most unproductive day to be and would it be bullshit to say my mind’s not been in a right state these days? Self, I am utterly disappointed in you, you should be downright ashamed of yourself.

Know what’s coming up? Halloween, multiple birthdays, bloody hell Hong Kong. I do not deserve any of those because I can’t even get down to do work when I have the time.

And you know that feeling of wanting to do work, then someone creeps himself into your head and you end up grinning to yourself like a damn fool and your heart is in a pinch? YES, KILL ME NOW I HAVE BECOME THE GIRL I HATE. The last time I felt this way, the boy dumped me because “I’m too nice.” True story, fuck my nice life.


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Aww hell, my brain is fried. I’m just about done simply email PR/marketing personnel and prepping for my articles, haven’t even begun any actual writing yet. Life of a writer by night, eh? I’ve been feeling like a headless chicken recently, trying to balance my day job and freelance work. But nope, not going to let go my freelance opportunities. With a chockful of discipline and a heart brimming in passion, anything is possible, I say.

Balance is ever important, so I’ve set up a little work schedule.

Monday to Thursday, it’s straight home after work and onto my articles. Wednesday would be the least strenuous, because I have yoga. Yoga is always good. Friday is party day heeey. Either a whole Saturday or Sunday, writing articles. And a promise to myself that I will stop all work at 11pm.

Very rough scheduling, but of course. If day job gets too crazy and I need an after-work stipple, who’s to judge eh, heh.

Best work productivity survival tool? LISTS. God I love lists. Want to make lists more effective? Prepare them the day BEFORE.

Upside to having no life? Less spending, more money! And I get to do what I love most; write. What comes after is the satisfying feeling of purpose. BAM. Feel powerful.

Main motivation: Paris 2013. It’s a definite go. Closer to home, I’m looking forward to Hong Kong come end November. SEXCITED is understating how giddily happy I feel about it.

So yes, life’s busy, but very, very good.

Susan Miller’s readings are finally up! YES I LOVE ME SOME ASTROLOGY AND I DON’T CARE WHO JUDGES!

Seriously, I use to do that hesitate bit when people shoot me furtive wtf-she-been-smoking glances, but these days I really don’t give a crap how many eye rolls I get as I wax lyrical about astrology and numerology. The stuff fascinates me to no end.

I’ve also had an odd past week, and so did a bunch of other people around me. For reals. It’s like. The world can’t function proper wiithout Susan’s readings.

I was born right smack in the middle of two signs – Scorpio and Sagittarius, and I’ve always been, uh, privileged, to pick and choose my fortunes. HAHA. In recent years though, I definitely identify better with my Sagittarius side.

Wildly optimistic, freedom-loving, incurable travel disease. Yep that would be I.

Cheers to the start of the work week.


Susan Miller’s mom died last week :( Because I love Susan Miller, I am obligated to share her sweet tribute to Little Mom.


Today I lost my wallet and didn’t realise until lunchtime when my boss called to ask why I’ve left my wallet in the office mailbox. “OMG WTF?!” I said, as I scrambled my hands frantically in my bag.

“I’m such a lucky girl,” I thought with a broad smile on my face, to have such angels walk with my everyday to work. How my heart glowed.

When I got back to the office, my traipse to my desk broke out into a mini skip as I saw my wallet in its complete glory on my desk. Tenderly I held it in my hands and opened it, ID, license, debit card, all safe. I was about to announce to my amused colleagues that drinks are on me, and spread opened the cash flap.

“WOW. Angel decided to take a proactive approach to rewards… helped himself to all my cash, all $70+.”

Haha. But seriously, it’s cool. Take my cash, please, but let me have my cards back.


Money is petty. You can always earn back the money, but you can’t earn back the time and heartache and effort it would have taken to cancel cards and replace IDs.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks bro! I won’t even question how the fuck you know where I work.


And with this little incident, I doubt I’m getting anything AdRxH&M collection. I mean… It has to be a sign right? First day launch of the collection and I had to do an unwilling donation.

I do want the bag though. The paper bag I meant.

Final word: There is ALWAYS a bright side. Focus on that.


Earlier today someone said that gratitude should be kept within yourself, so that no one can deny your sincerity. I say that’s bullshit.

Gratitude is one of the most beautiful things you can ever feel.

This might sound harsh, but it has served me so well: No one is obligated to help you in any way at all. NO ONE. Not even your mother, father, great-grandmother. Hence, whatever advice, help, company, good feelings, heck, LOVE, that I get from anyone at all, is major to me, and is something that I will always be grateful for. That is a part of someone else, that they’re giving away to no one else, but YOU.

So anytime you can say “thank you”, SAY IT. Anytime you can show gratitude, show it.

You know what happens when you feel grateful everyday? You stop taking things for granted, yet feel like you’re a special part of this world. And then you start feeling satisfied, fulfilled, HAPPY.

It is the most powerful, yet easiest thing you could ever do to yourself today.

Find gratitude in anything, and in anyone. God? Universe? Karl Lagerfeld? Go for it.

Everyday I make it a point to be grateful for anything at all. Grateful for the weather, grateful for my morning coffee, grateful that I can make it out of the house looking half-decent. Grateful when I get help, grateful that someone is nice, bursting with gratitude when someone pulls through for me.

I even have this thing called a gratitude necklace. I wear it everyday, and quite simply, I give thanks to something anytime I see it, touch it, be reminded that I have it on.

Real-time example:

I’ve been feeling a bit sick-ish these past couple of days, but I’m so grateful that it hasn’t escalated to a full-blown fever. And grateful I’m home right now and can have an early night.

What are you grateful for now?


But I’m not! Happy as a lark! New perspectives, new job, new found zeal, what’s not to love! 

Exclamatives aside, I’m determined to make this an outlet of affirmations. I’ve become quite the fanatic on on the belief that having affirmative, positive thoughts brings you closer to what you want. That happiness begets happiness. 


Let’s do this.

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