I can’t ever say ‘mad’ and its other forms without following up with the hook of Muse’s Madness now.

And recently I’ve been saying “This is madness!” a lot. *followed by spirit finger claw action to head to indicate mind is blown*

Muse’s sixth album, The 2nd Law, is patently epic, and Matthew Bellamy’s melancholic drawls and high-pitched nuances never fail to take me to that other place.

Madness is awesome, Follow Me is beautiful, Unsustainable is the perfect theatrical head-banger.


But Two Door Cinema Club’s Beacon and their awesome kick-ass live set is still my go-to loop.


On replay is Sleep Alone, by my one and only favourite indie boys, Two Door Cinema Club (TDCC, because you know how much we love our abbreviations here).

It’s the title track off their sophomore album Beacon, which still packs the same  dance-worthy indie-pop punch.

I can’t wait till their return on our shores next 11 January 2013 eeks eeks eeks. This is how I know for sure the world will not end, it bloody can’t.

They’ll have two albums to play sick tunes from, so this concert is going to be KICK-ASS.

Here’s hoping the concert merch is gonna be a prettier ensemble, because the tshirt last year was… Let’s just say the bright red shirt I got for the sake of it reminds me of cheap National Day tees. And my late period.

Come on, paycheque, pull through now. My plan is to get the cheapest tickets on the first floor of the concert hall at Esplanade (why is it NOT at fort canning?! WEAK.) and then plough through to the front  where hopefully there will be a tiny mosh happening.

Mega excited. 3 months to memorise song lyrics!

TGIF yo.

Hi, I’m a 23-year-old adult lady with a steady job, and I have a dirty little secret.

My friends think my obsession is tipping into danger territory and that I am in great denial.

My folks… well, they have no idea how far I’ve gone.

I love…

One Direction.

That’s right. Those baby-faced teen boys that my prepubescent nieces are psychotic for. You can’t imagine the self-control I had to exert on myself as they sing out loud, WMYB (What Makes You Beautful. That’s right. 1Directioners OWN abbreviations, bitch.). Boot camp level of determination, I’ll tell you that much.

It’s gone to the point where I know each defining characteristics of the boys, and you can’t ever ask me to pick a favourite.

Cougar-for-sexy-curly-hair Harry, Omg-we’re-soulmates-for-stripes Louis, Imma-take-you-home-to-my-parents Liam, Irish-blonde-bitch Niall and Bad-boy-sial lah-muslim-boy-se Zayn.

Anyway, the boys just released the music video for ‘Live While You’re Young’ (LWYY *fist pumps 12-year-old girls*) and I have been spending the better part of my happening Sunday with it on replay.

I think LWYY is just gratuitous music, but 1D’s hook tactic has always been visual. And the music video is a mega win for me.  Here’s why:

1. Bromance Galore

They grope and sandwich each other any chance they get.

Also the above printscreen is an insinuation that if the boys really do go camping, they shall sleep in the same tent. They’re at a hip camping party (I mean, Zorb balls, come on. ) with a whole bunch of girls who’d get their panties in a twist over them, and they choose a “bros-before-hoes” stance. Right. Sure. Let me crash that pillow fight and I’ll believe it. Serious proposal.

Speaking of twisted, why hello, Zayn’s face. Credit: My adept video pausing skills.


Because wet tshirts are for pussies.


You thought no one would notice the split-second shirtless moment did you? Tut tut. You underestimate my sharp cougar eyes and stellar video pausing skills.

4. Zayn My Mayn Man

Zayn takes centerstage for LWYY and he does so looking so fiiinnnnee. I love that blonde quiff, such a good look for you babe.

5. Dope-Faced Extra in Blue

See that guy on the right, with the wtf-am-I-doing-here face? I love him. Check it:

THAT is a legit face of fear.

“If you’re watching this sh-t video, you and your sh-t taste in music can suck my d–k!”

The unenthusiastic forced mosh jump? Classic. He is so uninterested, he’s not even facing the right direction! (see what I did there)

Perhaps his foul mood can be explained here:

“Dude. Wut r u doin. DUDE. STAHP.”