Susan Miller’s readings are finally up! YES I LOVE ME SOME ASTROLOGY AND I DON’T CARE WHO JUDGES!

Seriously, I use to do that hesitate bit when people shoot me furtive wtf-she-been-smoking glances, but these days I really don’t give a crap how many eye rolls I get as I wax lyrical about astrology and numerology. The stuff fascinates me to no end.

I’ve also had an odd past week, and so did a bunch of other people around me. For reals. It’s like. The world can’t function proper wiithout Susan’s readings.

I was born right smack in the middle of two signs – Scorpio and Sagittarius, and I’ve always been, uh, privileged, to pick and choose my fortunes. HAHA. In recent years though, I definitely identify better with my Sagittarius side.

Wildly optimistic, freedom-loving, incurable travel disease. Yep that would be I.

Cheers to the start of the work week.


Susan Miller’s mom died last week :( Because I love Susan Miller, I am obligated to share her sweet tribute to Little Mom.



First world problem: If I dress up as Hipster Ariel for Halloween, will people get me?

I think Hipster Ariel was one the first few memes that got me to understand what a meme even is. ( I sense a hipster-inception type thing coming out of that…)

Hipster Snow White works so well for me (Apple? Do I even need to go there?), and Hipster Belle makes so much sense! I mean… she was a book nerd, and she ditches douchey mainstream Gaston types for hairy men with fangs, and she uses tea cups.

Hipster Cinderella is redundant because bitch is just cray cray, talking to animals and imaginary old ladies with glitter dust.

Where’s the exotic hipster princess yo? Jasmine – pet tiger, seafoam turquoise? Mulan – Asian Andro boygirl? Pocahontas?!? Omgosh organic everything, tribal wear before music festivals even existed, hellooo?!

If you haven’t already guessed, my rambling is because I AM SEXCITED FOR HALLOWEENzZXZX.

Seriously. I have a million things I want to dress up as, and none of them are remotely doable. Fml.


Here’s another first world problem: I can’t decide if I should schedule in a massage tomorrow after work, or go for yoga.

I’ve been rolling on the bed all day, to sleep off this sick I’m getting, and my back is really sore. Also I’ve found the perfect doctor; he’s nice, he doesn’t shoot me judgmental looks, and the medicine he gives are my favourite kind… The kind that knocks you out.

I also really need to get started on my writing assignments. I think when I get down to it, I will find this incredibly useful: 4 Ways to Write Faster

Drowsy drugs kicking in, NIGHT woo!

A lot of  people gripe on Sundays because it’s Monday tomorrow, but I never waste time on griping.

I seize the day, live in the moment, carpe diem, etc etc. Worry about tomorrow and you’ll miss out on today, I say.

So I have a routine on Sundays that always gets me geared up and ready to face Monday in the eyes and go “Imma kick your butt, Monday, just you wait.”

1. Have a Solo Spa Party

Sundays are ‘Me’ time and I pamper myself to no end. In the showers, I use my nicest-smelling shower gels, bother with body scrubs, and I’d even pop a hair mask in my tresses.

Best hair mask by the way? The Dove Nourishing Oil Hair Mask. The Dove Nourishing Oil range by the way is my absolute fave. Best body scrub I have? The Body Shop Spa Wisdom range. Ah-may-zing.

I’d then do a mud mask on my face/a peel-off egg mask to clear my congested pores. DIY peel-off egg mask is the best discovery EVER.

If I want something hydrating I grab my Laneige Water Sleeping Pack, which I LOVE. Yes, if I need a hydration boost in the day I’d use this as well. It hydrates so well, but it isn’t oily. To remove, I’d just grab a cottan pad, soak it with water and clean my face with it.

But this is rare, because my face is a perpetual oil slick. Yeah, flash photography and me, best friends for life.

Ironically, I won’t schedule actual spa massages on Sundays. Here’s why:

2. I Stay Home

I go out every day of the rest of the week, I like having one day of being indoors. Plus it’s an awesome feeling to just have a whole full day of doing NOTHING at home.

I could paint, read a book, lounge on the couch, watch back-to-back episodes of an awesome TV show, eat whatever I want, however I want, heck I don’t even have to shower if I don’t want to. And underwear is optional! Shoot was that TMI? Sorry.

Second reason, so I don’t put makeup and let my skin freaking breathe. I’m a makeup whore and as long as I’m stepping beyond my neighbourhood, I will cake my face.

If I do have to go out, I make sure it’s in the earlier part of the day. I usually go out only for the inexcusable family functions (though I’m guilty of not turning up one too many times.), or for brunch.

I love Brunch. Eggs in the morning, good artisan coffee, catch-up with the girlfriends, and wearing my favourite combo of shorts-tshirt-slippers.

3. Sleep as much as possible

I am in the bed by 9pm, 10pm max.

In bed, but not sleeping though. Instead I’ll be watching shows on my computer to sleep. It’s a terrible habit, I know, but it’s the only way I know for now to get my brain to calm down. I’m the typical insomniac with an over-imaginative and hyper headspace. I’m always envious of those who can doze off to dreamland the moment their heads hit the pillow.

FYI, at the moment I’m on Breaking Bad, which is so intensely fantastic, and hilarious Parks and Recreations. I want a relationship like Leslie Knope has with Ben Wyatt.

Also, Fridays and Saturdays are usually late-nighters, because, haaayyyy par-taaaayyy am I right. Right. Being in bed earlier on Sundays helps my body clock to revert back to office-lady-hours. There is NOTHING worse than not having enough sleep on a Monday. So yes, in bed by 10pm max, asleep around 11 to 12pm.

7 hours is optimal for me, though I could always use with 8. Any more hours than that? I would feel lethargic and like death. Yep, human body you are one fucked-up machine an enigma.

Do you have a Sunday routine to prep you up for Monday?