My life sucks because I can’t ever make white tshirts work for me.

Same thing all the time: What the fuck is that stain?! When did that even happen?! Why can’t I keep food in my mouth?! Why won’t food leave my butt alone?! Why am I such a failure in life?!

Why hello there, Black Tshirt, looks like you can’t get rid of me, not in a long while.


If I think anyone’s cool, it’s Erin Wasson. She’s the epitome of the androgynous-almost-butch-but-not-quite look. I love that she looks like she doesn’t give two shits what she wears out the door, and that she seems to own 10,000 pieces of white tshirts.

Also. Her accessories. I’m a big sucker for dainty little jewellery pieces layered together, which she rocks all the time.


Three reasons why I’m excited for the Anna Dello Russo for H&M Collection.

1. I love Turquoise.

2. I love Gold.

3. I love Turquoise and Gold.



Turquoise and gold! Turquoise and gold everywhere!

No meek dainty pieces here; they’re all so flamboyantly fabulous. I will take the ultra-glam sunglasses, the go-big-or-go-home bangles, that trolley suitcase! I also don’t think I’ve ever wanted my name to be Anna this badly, because that name necklace is pimpin’. Oh, and that minaudiere. GURL.

The prices seem to start from SGD$59.90 and goes up to SGD$349, so this definitely isn’t your usual H&M fare. But I will allow myself one indulgence…

ANIMALXXSZZ BANGLESXCZZ! I’m getting the snake yo.


[Via: H&M, BagaholicBoy]

Quick facts on the collection: a. Anna Dello Russo (or AdR, because, you know, me and her, we’re best buds) collaborated with H&M to curate this collection of accessories with her signature over-the-top aplomb and style might. b. It’s a 50-piece collection. c. It will be out on 4th October (Singapore included), and no, I will not be queuing because I am not crazy too cool no friend in their right mind will get in the queue with me busy? busy.

Boy, do I love all things turquoise and gold.