Food post! I’m a terrible food descriptor; my food opinions are restricted to only ‘awesome’, ‘nice’, ‘not nice’, ‘disgusting’. Just a heads up.

Had brunch at L’Etoile Cafe last week.Gorgeous place with adorable vintage quirks as decor, and the location is fantastic. It’s just slightly off the beaten track, but still accessible via public transport. At Farrer Park MRT, come out from Exit D, and it’s a little under 10 minutes away. Helps that there are lovely sights in the shophouse atmosphere along the walk.

I didn’t enjoy the food though. I ordered the Big Breakfast ($14.90) and a hot Cappuccino ($4.50), my big breakfast was sad-looking with no notably quality ingredients. I don’t understand the salad, although to be fair, I don’t look well towards any salad which has no rocket (No arugula? I say, sir, that is blasphemous!) The sausages tasted… fishy. The scrambled eggs were dry, unless you count the odd sweetness which came from the salad dressing, yuck. I love eggs so very much. They’re the easiest type of food anyone can ever make and scrambled eggs are suppose to be foolproof. So. Why.

Mushroooms were decent though. Salmon slices were fortunately palatable. Not a coffee connoisseur, but the cappuccino gave me the perk I needed.

We also ordered the truffle fries ($8), which was… nice (kindly refer to beginning of post.). I have a love-hate relationship with truffle fries; sometimes I think the gasoline-ish aftertaste is gross, sometimes I think there’s not enough truffle oil drenched onto my fries.

We ordered the Seafood Vongole ($18.90). I liked this, ingredients were fresh. The prawns were cooked to that just-nice slightly translucent quality, and it had a crisp, yummy bite to it. Mmm.

Our table also ordered the French Toast ($8.50). It has honey on it, and when it comes to french toast I’m a strict maple syrup type of girl. Sorry. Plus, maple syrup amps up the taste of cinnamon (which the toast supposedly has but I didn’t notice any) way better.

Verdict: It’s a fab locale to hang out at with a couple of friends and while the day away over a cup of coffee, but if you’re expecting a satisfying, hearty brunch, I suggest you settle elsewhere first. For solo cafe-dwellers, this place is perfect too, they have books for your reading pleasure, and everyone leaves you alone there.

Also, it’s a surprisingly great place to people-watch; we saw many stylish people there. Talking about you, girl with turquoise eyeliner and sparkly gold shoes, and you, cool man with jesus hair rocking clashing printed shirt and pants.

Wish I’d knew about this spot just a couple of months back when I was jobless and wanted to feel like I’m living life like a chill bill when in actual fact I was just very bored.

L’Etoile Cafe, 160 Owen Road, tel: 6298 2872.