Monthly Archives: October 2012

I can’t ever say ‘mad’ and its other forms without following up with the hook of Muse’s Madness now.

And recently I’ve been saying “This is madness!” a lot. *followed by spirit finger claw action to head to indicate mind is blown*

Muse’s sixth album, The 2nd Law, is patently epic, and Matthew Bellamy’s melancholic drawls and high-pitched nuances never fail to take me to that other place.

Madness is awesome, Follow Me is beautiful, Unsustainable is the perfect theatrical head-banger.


But Two Door Cinema Club’s Beacon and their awesome kick-ass live set is still my go-to loop.


Today I lost my wallet and didn’t realise until lunchtime when my boss called to ask why I’ve left my wallet in the office mailbox. “OMG WTF?!” I said, as I scrambled my hands frantically in my bag.

“I’m such a lucky girl,” I thought with a broad smile on my face, to have such angels walk with my everyday to work. How my heart glowed.

When I got back to the office, my traipse to my desk broke out into a mini skip as I saw my wallet in its complete glory on my desk. Tenderly I held it in my hands and opened it, ID, license, debit card, all safe. I was about to announce to my amused colleagues that drinks are on me, and spread opened the cash flap.

“WOW. Angel decided to take a proactive approach to rewards… helped himself to all my cash, all $70+.”

Haha. But seriously, it’s cool. Take my cash, please, but let me have my cards back.


Money is petty. You can always earn back the money, but you can’t earn back the time and heartache and effort it would have taken to cancel cards and replace IDs.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks bro! I won’t even question how the fuck you know where I work.


And with this little incident, I doubt I’m getting anything AdRxH&M collection. I mean… It has to be a sign right? First day launch of the collection and I had to do an unwilling donation.

I do want the bag though. The paper bag I meant.

Final word: There is ALWAYS a bright side. Focus on that.


First world problem: If I dress up as Hipster Ariel for Halloween, will people get me?

I think Hipster Ariel was one the first few memes that got me to understand what a meme even is. ( I sense a hipster-inception type thing coming out of that…)

Hipster Snow White works so well for me (Apple? Do I even need to go there?), and Hipster Belle makes so much sense! I mean… she was a book nerd, and she ditches douchey mainstream Gaston types for hairy men with fangs, and she uses tea cups.

Hipster Cinderella is redundant because bitch is just cray cray, talking to animals and imaginary old ladies with glitter dust.

Where’s the exotic hipster princess yo? Jasmine – pet tiger, seafoam turquoise? Mulan – Asian Andro boygirl? Pocahontas?!? Omgosh organic everything, tribal wear before music festivals even existed, hellooo?!

If you haven’t already guessed, my rambling is because I AM SEXCITED FOR HALLOWEENzZXZX.

Seriously. I have a million things I want to dress up as, and none of them are remotely doable. Fml.


Here’s another first world problem: I can’t decide if I should schedule in a massage tomorrow after work, or go for yoga.

I’ve been rolling on the bed all day, to sleep off this sick I’m getting, and my back is really sore. Also I’ve found the perfect doctor; he’s nice, he doesn’t shoot me judgmental looks, and the medicine he gives are my favourite kind… The kind that knocks you out.

I also really need to get started on my writing assignments. I think when I get down to it, I will find this incredibly useful: 4 Ways to Write Faster

Drowsy drugs kicking in, NIGHT woo!

If I think anyone’s cool, it’s Erin Wasson. She’s the epitome of the androgynous-almost-butch-but-not-quite look. I love that she looks like she doesn’t give two shits what she wears out the door, and that she seems to own 10,000 pieces of white tshirts.

Also. Her accessories. I’m a big sucker for dainty little jewellery pieces layered together, which she rocks all the time.

Earlier today someone said that gratitude should be kept within yourself, so that no one can deny your sincerity. I say that’s bullshit.

Gratitude is one of the most beautiful things you can ever feel.

This might sound harsh, but it has served me so well: No one is obligated to help you in any way at all. NO ONE. Not even your mother, father, great-grandmother. Hence, whatever advice, help, company, good feelings, heck, LOVE, that I get from anyone at all, is major to me, and is something that I will always be grateful for. That is a part of someone else, that they’re giving away to no one else, but YOU.

So anytime you can say “thank you”, SAY IT. Anytime you can show gratitude, show it.

You know what happens when you feel grateful everyday? You stop taking things for granted, yet feel like you’re a special part of this world. And then you start feeling satisfied, fulfilled, HAPPY.

It is the most powerful, yet easiest thing you could ever do to yourself today.

Find gratitude in anything, and in anyone. God? Universe? Karl Lagerfeld? Go for it.

Everyday I make it a point to be grateful for anything at all. Grateful for the weather, grateful for my morning coffee, grateful that I can make it out of the house looking half-decent. Grateful when I get help, grateful that someone is nice, bursting with gratitude when someone pulls through for me.

I even have this thing called a gratitude necklace. I wear it everyday, and quite simply, I give thanks to something anytime I see it, touch it, be reminded that I have it on.

Real-time example:

I’ve been feeling a bit sick-ish these past couple of days, but I’m so grateful that it hasn’t escalated to a full-blown fever. And grateful I’m home right now and can have an early night.

What are you grateful for now?


If there’s anything I can rock, that would be the cat eye. I draw that shit on with intense precision. It’s the one makeup look I am so proud of. Because I fail at everything else, don’t even get me started on the smokey eye, just… no.

Anyway, one morning I wanted to pull out my MAC Blacktrack gel liner… Only to have it looking like your great-great-great-grandfather’s face. Stuff was so dried up I could literally pick the whole thing off the pot! Sad.

But hey, it meant I have legit reason to go shop for a new gel liner yaaaaay……….

And I’ve long wanted to try this baby:

The Clio Gel Liner and Cake Eyebrow Pot, $27.90 at Watsons.


I’ve been using their Liquid Brush Eyeliner, which is hands down the best liquid liner I’ve ever picked up ever, so this was a no-brainer.

Quick facts on the Clio brand:

1. Created by a bunch of South Korean makeup artists, and you can trust the Koreans to come up with the best stuff to make you look pimping.

2. Clio eyeliners are extra black, because they’re packed with more carbon black. So the black that comes out is more intense than your usual variety. Which means you don’t have to go over your eyeliner to get maximum drama.

3. They’re also smudge-, budge- and water-proof. I’m your typical cold-hearted biatch so I can’t vouch for tear-resistant capabilities, but the stuff has lasted me from 8am to bloody 5am the next morning, with the slightest smudging. Awesome for someone who can’t give two shits about touching up her makeup aka me.

4. It’s smudge-etc-etc-proof, but it’s incredibly easy to remove. 5am in the morning, two squirts of makeup oil remover all over my face, rinse off and BAM unpretty but clean face.

Eyebrow powder is good I guess, I don’t really have much to say about eyebrow powders in general *shrugs* But this is convenient. I guess. I wouldn’t bring gel liner on travels anyway.