Soul in a Slump, Heart in a Pinch

Ok it’s official. I’m in a slump.

I admit; I’ve been half-assing my way the past couple of days. I should be clearing my freelance articles as soon as possible, but I’d get down to like an hour of “research” and then I’d call it a day. I’m ridiculous.

How the fuck do I get out of this slump and feel motivation? My room is the most unproductive day to be and would it be bullshit to say my mind’s not been in a right state these days? Self, I am utterly disappointed in you, you should be downright ashamed of yourself.

Know what’s coming up? Halloween, multiple birthdays, bloody hell Hong Kong. I do not deserve any of those because I can’t even get down to do work when I have the time.

And you know that feeling of wanting to do work, then someone creeps himself into your head and you end up grinning to yourself like a damn fool and your heart is in a pinch? YES, KILL ME NOW I HAVE BECOME THE GIRL I HATE. The last time I felt this way, the boy dumped me because “I’m too nice.” True story, fuck my nice life.


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Get Off Your Butt

How To Master the Art Of Looking Busy (Haha. But made a whole lot of sense.)

Beat procrastination with Getting Started is Everything


This is an insane ‘recipe’, and if I’m desperate enough (and I almost am) I might just try it: Try this “recipe” to increase productivity Over the Next Week 

And finally. Time to seriously consider the Seinfeld Productivity Secret


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