Ombre Hombre

Oh ombre.

Let me just get this out of the way so we can all move with life yes?

I hate. Ombre. Ok, more like ombre hates me. Two years ago before I left for Australia to study, I decided, the trend whore that I was (fine, still am.) that I was going to have deliciously sweet pink ombre hair.  Because back then, the ombre that came up were the baby pink blondes. Much like this.

“Pssh. So what if I’m not white, or have icy blonde hair? Gurrrlll you better believe that I can so totes pull this off,” I thought.

My stylist got down to stripping all the dark pigment off the bottom half of my black (heavily dyed brunette) Asian hair. Two bleach treatments later, she declared my hair untreatable. If I were to put anything else on top of it, my hair would get fried, and shrivel, and look like fluffy wire. Hence. I left with ombre blonde hair. It was an atrocious mess.

Anyway. Looks like ombre’s not going away anytime soon. If you’ve dark hair and you want inspiration, like I was so looking for back then, here you go.

But you know who rocked ombre before anyone else did?

That’s right, one and only Justin Hawkins from The Darkness. Damn I miss them in all their tacky glory. I believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of my heart!

Yoga time!


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