Shapeshifter Eyes

I’ve always been aware that how you put eyeliner affects the shape and look of your eye, but it has never hit me how different the looks are till I stumbled across this:


Super interesting. When I line my eyes I naturally flick the ends for a cat eye, but on certain days that I want a more natural-ish rounder eye, I would just omit eyeliner altogether. And then I’d have naked eyes and it’s just not fabulous sometimes. Definitely going to give the top right eye a go.

While we’re doing interesting eye diagrams, this would also help:

Although to be perfectly honest, I always use just one neutral shimmery champagne colour splashed all over my lids up to my brow bone everyday, no matter the occasion. Eyeshadow blending is like the hip best friend I’d love to have, but we fight like catty schoolgirls every time we meet.

I HAVE ARTICLES TO FINISH BUT I’VE NARY A START!!! It’s strange the things you can get up to when you’re procrastinating. Ok fine, tomorrow I shall start. Fo sho. Yeah.


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