Keep the money, bro.

Today I lost my wallet and didn’t realise until lunchtime when my boss called to ask why I’ve left my wallet in the office mailbox. “OMG WTF?!” I said, as I scrambled my hands frantically in my bag.

“I’m such a lucky girl,” I thought with a broad smile on my face, to have such angels walk with my everyday to work. How my heart glowed.

When I got back to the office, my traipse to my desk broke out into a mini skip as I saw my wallet in its complete glory on my desk. Tenderly I held it in my hands and opened it, ID, license, debit card, all safe. I was about to announce to my amused colleagues that drinks are on me, and spread opened the cash flap.

“WOW. Angel decided to take a proactive approach to rewards… helped himself to all my cash, all $70+.”

Haha. But seriously, it’s cool. Take my cash, please, but let me have my cards back.


Money is petty. You can always earn back the money, but you can’t earn back the time and heartache and effort it would have taken to cancel cards and replace IDs.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks bro! I won’t even question how the fuck you know where I work.


And with this little incident, I doubt I’m getting anything AdRxH&M collection. I mean… It has to be a sign right? First day launch of the collection and I had to do an unwilling donation.

I do want the bag though. The paper bag I meant.

Final word: There is ALWAYS a bright side. Focus on that.



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