Hipster Princesses

First world problem: If I dress up as Hipster Ariel for Halloween, will people get me?

I think Hipster Ariel was one the first few memes that got me to understand what a meme even is. ( I sense a hipster-inception type thing coming out of that…)

Hipster Snow White works so well for me (Apple? Do I even need to go there?), and Hipster Belle makes so much sense! I mean… she was a book nerd, and she ditches douchey mainstream Gaston types for hairy men with fangs, and she uses tea cups.

Hipster Cinderella is redundant because bitch is just cray cray, talking to animals and imaginary old ladies with glitter dust.

Where’s the exotic hipster princess yo? Jasmine – pet tiger, seafoam turquoise? Mulan – Asian Andro boygirl? Pocahontas?!? Omgosh organic everything, tribal wear before music festivals even existed, hellooo?!

If you haven’t already guessed, my rambling is because I AM SEXCITED FOR HALLOWEENzZXZX.

Seriously. I have a million things I want to dress up as, and none of them are remotely doable. Fml.


Here’s another first world problem: I can’t decide if I should schedule in a massage tomorrow after work, or go for yoga.

I’ve been rolling on the bed all day, to sleep off this sick I’m getting, and my back is really sore. Also I’ve found the perfect doctor; he’s nice, he doesn’t shoot me judgmental looks, and the medicine he gives are my favourite kind… The kind that knocks you out.

I also really need to get started on my writing assignments. I think when I get down to it, I will find this incredibly useful: 4 Ways to Write Faster

Drowsy drugs kicking in, NIGHT woo!

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