Clio Gel Liner and Eyebrow Pot

If there’s anything I can rock, that would be the cat eye. I draw that shit on with intense precision. It’s the one makeup look I am so proud of. Because I fail at everything else, don’t even get me started on the smokey eye, just… no.

Anyway, one morning I wanted to pull out my MAC Blacktrack gel liner… Only to have it looking like your great-great-great-grandfather’s face. Stuff was so dried up I could literally pick the whole thing off the pot! Sad.

But hey, it meant I have legit reason to go shop for a new gel liner yaaaaay……….

And I’ve long wanted to try this baby:

The Clio Gel Liner and Cake Eyebrow Pot, $27.90 at Watsons.


I’ve been using their Liquid Brush Eyeliner, which is hands down the best liquid liner I’ve ever picked up ever, so this was a no-brainer.

Quick facts on the Clio brand:

1. Created by a bunch of South Korean makeup artists, and you can trust the Koreans to come up with the best stuff to make you look pimping.

2. Clio eyeliners are extra black, because they’re packed with more carbon black. So the black that comes out is more intense than your usual variety. Which means you don’t have to go over your eyeliner to get maximum drama.

3. They’re also smudge-, budge- and water-proof. I’m your typical cold-hearted biatch so I can’t vouch for tear-resistant capabilities, but the stuff has lasted me from 8am to bloody 5am the next morning, with the slightest smudging. Awesome for someone who can’t give two shits about touching up her makeup aka me.

4. It’s smudge-etc-etc-proof, but it’s incredibly easy to remove. 5am in the morning, two squirts of makeup oil remover all over my face, rinse off and BAM unpretty but clean face.

Eyebrow powder is good I guess, I don’t really have much to say about eyebrow powders in general *shrugs* But this is convenient. I guess. I wouldn’t bring gel liner on travels anyway.



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