Sleep Alone – Two Door Cinema Club

On replay is Sleep Alone, by my one and only favourite indie boys, Two Door Cinema Club (TDCC, because you know how much we love our abbreviations here).

It’s the title track off their sophomore album Beacon, which still packs the same  dance-worthy indie-pop punch.

I can’t wait till their return on our shores next 11 January 2013 eeks eeks eeks. This is how I know for sure the world will not end, it bloody can’t.

They’ll have two albums to play sick tunes from, so this concert is going to be KICK-ASS.

Here’s hoping the concert merch is gonna be a prettier ensemble, because the tshirt last year was… Let’s just say the bright red shirt I got for the sake of it reminds me of cheap National Day tees. And my late period.

Come on, paycheque, pull through now. My plan is to get the cheapest tickets on the first floor of the concert hall at Esplanade (why is it NOT at fort canning?! WEAK.) and then plough through to the front  where hopefully there will be a tiny mosh happening.

Mega excited. 3 months to memorise song lyrics!

TGIF yo.


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